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Lyrics: Scream

People are hurting – they need more than a plaster.
The World’s out of control, spinning faster and faster.
Technological progress, and money’s the master.
Hold tight, SCREAM if you wanna go faster.

Next week the random word with which to rap at least four rhmying lines is TOUR

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Lyrics: Snack [2]

So, didn’t realise I’d already done Snack lyrics here. Here’s another tasty Snack for you then:

Party people clap on, I’m gonna attack on
over 147 breaks – get your black on.
Players come on bounce to this, get your mack on
throwing out some tasty rhymes for you to SNACK on.

Next week the random word to rap with is SCREAM.

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Lyrics: Burger

Phones and flies buzzing, steady humming in the light.
Live chatter, wild banter – an intimidating sight.
Like a bored deserted gang looking for a fight,
all hanging ’round the BURGER van, late into the night.

Next week the random word to get rhyming with is SNACK.


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Lyrics: Decoy

Not sure what this is all about, but it sounded good walking home in the mist on Halloween.

Dancing to the thunder sound – unreal hype bass.
Down in the underground, concealing your face.
Employ a DECOY to take your place.
In the heart of the darkness, your souls embrace.

Next week the random word we have to rap with BURGER.

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