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Lyrics: CANE

Cannot help but be influenced by my fave SWAY on this speed themed one:

Seatbelt – click, click. Engine revving – tick, tick.
Right hand up on the steering wheel, left hand on the gearstick.
Wheels spin spinning like slick slick. Pedal to the metal I’m quick quick.
Making noise in ya ends, gonna CANE it round the bends. I’m gonna make ya sick sick.

Next weeks word: FIRE

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Lyrics: PRIEST

ooh, somehow come up with a really saucy one this week!

Moving in closer, kissing and caressing.
With the lights down low, you start undressing.
Things hotting up, as our love we’re confessing.
lay back, I’ll be your PRIEST – get ready for your blessing!

Next week’s word: CANE

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Lyrics: SHOES

It’s a fine line I find between happiness and the blues.
Life strifes, some just happen and some you choose.
Head down, drowning. Surrounded by issues.
But I work real hard, yeah, I’ve paid my dues.
I gotta strong faith that I will never lose.
Half-man, half-amazing, blazing the tunes.
Keep my head up through the jeers and the boos,
Think it’s easy to be me? Come walk a mile in my SHOES!

Next week’s word: PRIEST

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Lyrics: SOW

I’m SOWing seeds of freedom and release.
A treat in the speech, a feast in the beats.
Word’s that I speak, increase in peace.
Negativities will freeze! – A beast in the streets!

Next word: SHOES

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