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Lyrics: RESULT

Scores are in, the RESULTs now known
How you think you ever gonna take the throne?
Your games over, the towel’s been thrown
don’t you know you’ll never ever make it on your own?

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Lyrics: FOOD

I see you sniffing round like a fox looking for FOOD
Trying to chance anything to enhance your mood
be it tasty, racy, fast or super-rude
just to make you feel like the number one dude

Next word: RESULT

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Lyrics: INSULT

Don’t wanna battle you, that’s not my scene
not about trading INSULTs, lets keep it clean
fact of the matter is, we are on the same team
when the real battle be, with the forces unseen

next word: FOOD

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Lyrics: FOREST

People throwing names at ya, it’s like planting seeds
take root in your mind, shooting up like trees
you’re feeling trapped, surrounded, you can’t breath
[so] I’m a start a FOREST fire, better call the police

Next word: INSULT

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