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Lyrics: SWING

I keep the hip-hop clock tick-tock tick ticking
Lace the place with Bass, keep the pendulum SWINGING.
Amazing crazy phrasing gets ya head spinning
I’m a rock not a pebble, on another level, Gold medal winning.

Next week’s word: GIANT

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All that’s left is a PHOTOGRAPH, now you’re gone.
Hopes in tatters – shattered. It ended so wrong.
The intense pain and strain lasts so long.
Through your family, your memory lives on.

Next weeks word: SWING

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Lyrics: STREAM

Downloading Data, STREAMing movies, watching vide-videos.
“I’ll watch this later, maybe if it moves me, we’ll see how it all goes”.
Too many choices, so many voices. Constantly the list grows.
Too many teens seen stuck to their screens – why not look out the windows?

Next weeks word: Photograph

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Lyrics: OIL

ooops, a day late on this one, was off on holiday!

Like trying to drive on OIL, over the beat I’m slipping sliding.
Vocal dexterity, tight complexity, smash! I crash like lightning.
Other brothers like “Damn man! – I can’t keep up beside him”
“What’s that fire inside him?” You better get back in hiding!

Next weeks word: STREAM

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Lyrics: SURVEY

Don’t waste time listenening to what their SURVEY said
Reading words about you, that just messes with your head
Stay true to what you do. Do what you do best
In time they’ll find someone else to talk about instead.

Next week’s word: OIL

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