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Lyrics: Wagon

A lotta hip-hoppers all go jumping on the band-WAGON
– talking ‘bout their bad swggin, walking with their pants sagging
– blunt lines, boring, tired of the sad braggin’
I’m ’a spit fire, bringing heat like a mad dragon.

Next week the random word to rap with is: decoy

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Lyrics: Elephant

I’m dropping heat, no lyric’s irrelevant.
syllables sweet, eloquence so elegant.
Peace in the speech, no missles of malevolence,
just stomping on the beat like a two-ton ELEPHANT

Next week the random word to rap with is WAGON [!?]

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Lyrics: SKIN

Had a week off on holiday. Here’s some more beauty based lyrics:

A painted smile on the face conceals her secret sin.
Messing ’round with her weight – is she too fat or thin?
Good looks are just the surface – real beauty lies within.
If fear determines our fates, then love the SKIN you’re in.

Next week the random word to rap with is ELEPHANT

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