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Lyrics: Lunch

A liquid LUNCH in a can ain’t no way to get by.
Red Bull gives you wings, yeah, but watch how you fly.
Soaring up fast, super high in the sky,
too close to the sun ain’t no fun if you fry.

Next week the random word to rap with is meadow

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Lyrics: Snack [2]

So, didn’t realise I’d already done Snack lyrics here. Here’s another tasty Snack for you then:

Party people clap on, I’m gonna attack on
over 147 breaks – get your black on.
Players come on bounce to this, get your mack on
throwing out some tasty rhymes for you to SNACK on.

Next week the random word to rap with is SCREAM.

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Lyrics: Burger

Phones and flies buzzing, steady humming in the light.
Live chatter, wild banter – an intimidating sight.
Like a bored deserted gang looking for a fight,
all hanging ’round the BURGER van, late into the night.

Next week the random word to get rhyming with is SNACK.


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