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So what’s stalking you, what’s the fear you need to take down?
Own personal monster, whispering that fake sound.
What d’you need to CONQUER, it’s time to make a break now
and stand up to that old bully in your playground.

Next week’s word to rap with: WAVE

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Lyrics: LOOK

Ah man, had a week off and time escaped me and I failed again. Have been sitting on these lyrics for a week but never got around to finally typing them up. I dunno if they’re worth the wait, and my baby girl has taken over again…..

You’re so good LOOKing with your big blue eyes,
cutey little toes and your squidgy thighs.
Your giggles and your screams and your little sighs
how you impress me next is always a surprise.

Next week’s word for rapping with is: CONQUER

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Like Whitney, I need a couple of decent bodyguards
increased SECURITY, a fleet of bulletproof cars.
I got magic from the stars, mad treasure like Bruno mars,
and I be rolling with a whole truck load of gold bars!

Next week’s rap word: LOOK

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