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Lyrics: Encyclopedia

So, took the challenge of trying use the random word as the rhyme this week. Could form a part of some story sometime.

Fresh outta college, knowledge like an ENCYCLOPEDIA.
Now online all the time, so-social media.
Brain getting weedier, eyes getting greedier –
a world of girls unfurls, images all getting seedier.

Next week’s random word: vitamin

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Lyrics: EXILE

Don’t be scared people! Overcome those fears –

Put on a brave face, yeah give it your best smile,
though inside like a comet, your vomit feels projectile.
No retreat, no surrender, don’t wave the white textile.
make ya fears vanish, banish, enforce an EXILE!

Next week our random word to rap with is: encyclopedia!

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Lyrics: FIGURE

I know a J-Hova, but yo, it’s not Jigga.
The Lord I follow – he be a fair size bigger.
Do the work of my God without a finger on the trigger.
Freedom fill your thoughts through the real father FIGURE.

Next week we must rap using the word EXILE

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Happy 2015, was sitting on half of this over Christmas, here’s the full lines:

Gimme a badass beat to tear up the dancefloors,
a funk filled force, not four-to-the-floor.
Beat so loud – neighbours’ banging down the doors.
No jeers from the crowd, cheers, hear the APPLAUSE!
Try something different, I rhyme for a cause.
No rap battle wars, tit for tat, settle scores.
Treat the girls right, call ’em ladies not whores.
I’m living in the light. Why not stop and take a pause?

Next week’s random word to rap with: FIGURE

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