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Lyrics: Scream

People are hurting – they need more than a plaster.
The World’s out of control, spinning faster and faster.
Technological progress, and money’s the master.
Hold tight, SCREAM if you wanna go faster.

Next week the random word with which to rap at least four rhmying lines is TOUR

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Lyrics: SHAPE

Is this the SHAPE of things to come?
Organising your life with a swipe of your thumb,
Checking in on your emails when your out on a run,
Yeah you got a smartphone, but you’re still dumb.

Next week, we need to rhyme about the BEACH!

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Lyrics: FILM

This weeks random word was FILM. Have decided to rap about the hi-tech age in which we live:

The technology monopoly will topple me – it’s obscene.
FILMing faces, photos filtered, living life through a screen,
An image age, with page views and analytics extreme,
where news is only worthy to be heard if it can be seen.

Next weeks random word to rap with: SURFACE

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