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Lyrics: MARBLE

With a big chunk of MARBLE, what do ya see?
A stone cold slab or possibility?
It needs shaping, creating, artistically.
Few can see the person waiting to be set free.

A tricky random word to rap with this week. I based it on a quote from the artist Michaelangelo. It was along the lines of  “I Saw the angel inside the marble and carved until I set him free”

Next weeks random word to rap with: SECTION

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Lyrics: OFFER

So, I’m late this week, something to do with my second baby arriving last tuesday morning!!

I’m gonna OFFER up praise to the Lord most high
Proper thanks these days for the joy of new life.
I’ve now a little girl to go with my little guy
with long little fingers and chunky little thighs.
Soft hair on a tiny head, peeking small eyes
peering over the blanket, a look of surprise.
A small bundle of love with a serious cry,
So small, so cool makes my heart fly

Next random word: MARBLE

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You reality TV wannabe’s, chasing your fifteen minutes,
see a SPOTLIGHT and hop right in it.
The wheel of fortune and fame, you never get to spin it.
That’s the game, innit? Only one side’s gonna win it.

Next week’s random word: OFFER

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woah, tough random word this week. Florist!!!? Here goes:

Beats – Dench. Lyrics – Dense, thick just like a forest.
Drafted then crafted. Arranging like a FLORIST.
Non-stopping, coming hard. Hitting like Chuck Norris.
Mess-up in your head so much, leave your hair looking Boris’ed!!*

* Johnson that is of course!

Next week’s random word: SPOTLIGHT

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