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Lyrics: FROTH

Using this week’s word to rant slightly about the massive increase over the last 10 years of poncy coffee drinking habits. It’s just a drink man!!!

I like my coffee slightly FROTHY, and of the instant kind.
Keep your Costa/Starbucks stuff – it’s just a waste of time.
All that “Tall, flat, skinny, black” chat is nonsense to my mind.
Absurd, getting worse, it’s almost perverse – like the toffs and their fine wine.

Next week’s random word for you hip-hop-heads: SCANDAL

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Lyrics: FANG

Reaching for the stars, you are, but you got low height.
Like Dracula without his FANGS – you’ve got no bite.
I drop the boogie to the bang bang, keep my flow tight.
Don’t stop ’til the crowds’ waving their hands – rock the show right.

Next week’s word: FROTH

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Gimme a beat so fat that we’ll need to start slimming.
A bass so deep, that we can go SWIMMING.
I rhyme about the truth, not cars, guns or women,
Forever light in my life – never ever dimming.

Next week’s random word to rap with: FANG

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Lyrics: MERIT

Wasting the day away – I can’t bear it.
The present is a gift you’ve been given – gotta share it.
I made it into this position on my own MERIT.
If the cap fits, then yo, I’m gonna wear it!

Next week’s random word: SWIMMING

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