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Lyrics: Mirror

MIRROR mirror on the wall,
please tell me how to look real cool.
Lose some weight? Smile? Stand up tall?
What is the key to being beautiful?

Next week we rap with the random word SKIN

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Lyrics: Doughnut

Living your life like it’s one long giggle.
Something’s not right, but you can’t fight the niggle.
Like a DOUGHNUT, you’ve a hole in the middle.
So what’s missing? – That’s the key to the riddle.

[Here’s a clue – you can’t buy it in Lidl] ha ha cheeky bonus line there!

Next week the random word to rhyme with is mirror.

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Lyrics: Earth

It’s the greatest gift, yo, that we don’t deserve.
The Son of God came in a human birth
He gave His life, yeah – that’s how much you’re worth
Divine sacrifice joining heaven and EARTH

Next week the random word to rap with is ‘Doughnut’

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Lyrics: Surgeon

Crowd live – hype – on the verge of surging.
Lights shine bright, white like a virgin.
Brave new tricks, new kicks emerging,
with a beat so sick it’s gonna need a SURGEON*

*bit of an update on Sway’s ‘Download‘ lyric there.

Next week the random word to rap with is EARTH

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Lyrics: Voting

Questions posed, lies exposed,
the candidates all go toes to toes.
Manifestos, been composed,
exit polls have people engrossed.
Some people stood up and opposed,
other just sat back and they dozed.
Views and values all juxtaposed,
X marks the spot, but VOTING‘s now closed.

Next week the random word to rap with is SURGEON.

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