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Lyrics: Warehouse

Bit of time traveling through dance music this week:

WAREHOUSE raving, glow-stick waving, hands in the air shouting acieeeeed!
Whole crowd moving, bass-bins booming, beat banging hard will make ya ears bleed.
Jungle on the track, it’s the beat hijack, rave, hardcore, we all D’n’B-ed.
Sound of the underground, something new to be found, never gonna gonna stop it, no, it’s the new breed.

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Next week the random word is CARNIVAL

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Lyrics: Saviour

It kinda fascinates me the different ways that I go about beginning to write the lyrics. Sometimes you get an initial concept early on, sometimes it’ll be a rhyme or line that will arrive first. This week I couldn’t get a hook in, and began writing lots of words beginning with S, thinking I’d really do an alliteration piece. But in the end, I’ve nicked the first four lines from another rap I wrote last year. My mate who writes gospel songs asked for a guest 16 bridge in one of his new tracks, and I was thinking about it on the way home and just went in after the opening lines from that, as the concept fitted what I wanted to do with the ‘saviour’ word this week. Basically it’s about randomly meeting up with a guy who turns out to be Jesus.

This guy comes up, calls me by my name,
but I don’t know him – is this some kinda game?
He says ‘Sit down’ and he’ll explain,
Tells me I’m the reason that He came.
Sent into a world of sin and shame,
bickering, bullying, insult and blame.
Death, disease, poverty and pain.
The Son, The SAVIOUR – one and the same.
Gives sight to the blind and healing the lame,
freeing the captives, breaking their chains.
Truth and life coursing through my veins,
I can’t believe it, replay the frame!
To turn my heart from a spark to a flame,
new life will start, with peace in my brain.
Into my life I let The Christ reign,
die to myself – no loss but gain.


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Next week our random word for rapping with is WAREHOUSE.

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Lyrics: Slipper

The rollercoaster of love is like a big big-dipper,
more ups and downs than a pinball flipper.
A bounding heart – like an away day tripper –
or left slashed apart – jacked by The Ripper!
Celebrating success, like a champagne sipper,
or left in a mess – exposed like a stripper.
Love’s no fun when you’ve been done like a kipper
on that quest for The One to fit your glass SLIPPER.

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Next week the random word to rap with is: SAVIOUR.

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Lyrics: TEARS

Like water on glass, the TEARS stream down your face.
Healing the scars and screams of past disgrace.
Can’t be erased, but in place a new embrace.
There’s love in His gaze, so run into the arms of grace.

Next week our random word for rapping is: SLIPPER

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Lyrics: Kitchen

Yeah I’m cooking up a tasty little beat for ya ears.
It’s hot in the KITCHEN – get out if the heat’s too fierce.
I’ve been doing this for years, it’s clear, allay your fears.
Oops I just did it again – like Britney Spears.

Next week we need to get rapping with the random word TEARS

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