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Lyrics: Observe

Sitting by my window here, I watch and OBSERVE,
people going about their lives and it’s sublimely absurd.
A man with no home just sits alone at the kerb,
while people driving by him, just speed off round the curve.
People fighting for the rights they think they deserve,
while others out there struggle for their voice to be heard.
People hiding out of sight, too tired and hurt.
And some out working day and night – ’cos money they serve.

Next random word to rap with is dragon

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Lyrics: Loaf

No white bread / brown bread, 50/50 LOAF.
Half man / Half amazing – that’s the best of both.
I gave my life to Jesus, yeah, I took the oath,
and got that Spirit up all in me, for that holy ghost growth.

Next word to rap with: Observe

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Lyrics: Hosepipe

They rush the stage hard, like water from a HOSEPIPE.
It’s The Rage living large – best believe that he’s the most hype.
‘Charles in Charge’, I’m the boss, I wear the three stripe.
You can bank on it – credit card? –  no need to swipe swipe.

Next random word to rap with is LOAF


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