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This week it’s the turn of my wife to be the inspiration for the lyrics:

Girl you’re looking so hot, you be climbing up the farenheits,
attraction, satisfaction, got me magnetised.
Need to cool down in the deep brown of your eyes,
being with you – that’s another day in PARADISE.
I love the soft warmth of your thighs,
and your curves all the right size.
Choosing you, that’s the proof I can be wise,
this is the truth, yo don’t analyze all the lies.

Next week the random word to rap with is MUD!

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Lyrics: Oyster

So, I guess it’s only fair that it’s about my lovely daughter this week:

You’re so awesome, you’ve got my heart in a whirl.
Got me under your spell with every blonde curl.
How on earth did I make such a beautiful girl?
I guess it’s like an OYSTER creating a pearl.

Next week I gotta rap about PARADISE

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Lyrics: Package

My son was 6 a couple of weeks ago! This is for him, and just in time for Father’s Day too.

6 years ago it had only just begun,
came into my life and my heart you won.
Big brown eyes, and a smile to stun
all PACKAGED up in a bundle of fun.
It’s been 6 years and so much has been done
all the rumbles and games still keeping me young.
Blessed to bits by the gift of a son.
My top boy – second to none.

The random word for rapping with next week is OYSTER

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Lyrics: PRIZE

So, just a refresher of how this works: each week I receive a random word and have to create at least 4 rhyming lines of rap using the word. This week the word was PRIZE. Here’s the lines:

Yeh, you’ve been playing hard, I can see it in your eyes.
Risking it all on the roll of a dice.
The devil’s in disguise, don’t listen to the lies,
in the Game of Life who really wins the PRIZE?

Next week the word is Package

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Lyrics: Republic

We’re the rhyme REPUBLIC, call us The Lyricists,
new wave, new day, ain’t no way to resist this.
Hip hop don’t stop ’til top of the spitters list
Let me see ya move, break, pop, spin and twist.
Stiff upper lip, that’s ‘cos I’m the Britishist,
I speak my own words, ain’t no ventriloquist.
Fly like the birds, enter into this mist
using the music, I’m the beat physicist.

Next week the random word to rap with is PRIZE

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