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I only like a handful of sports, and I play football when I’m on tennis courts.
I’ve got a Peugeot that keeps me on the go, but you know, yeah, I’d rather have a Porsche.
Don’t want movies arty, I like House Party rapping with Kid ‘n’ Play and Full Force.
I love COTTAGE pie, yeah I’d eat it ’til I die, but I want it made of beef yo, not horse.

Next week’s word: EPIDEMIC

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Lyrics: SNAP

OK, so I know I’ve used “Snap, crackle pop” before, but I wanted to revisit it with the serial/cereal killer rhyme too. We use this piece of software at work called ‘Acrobat Distiller’ and have always rhymed off that [in a junior mafia: get money remix kinda way], so today is the day I go for the ‘iller’ rhymes:

Surprise Surprise, but no it’s not Cilla,
top-top biller with a pocket full of skrilla.
Crusie in my yacht, or coolin’ in my villa
drinks in the chiller, milk – smooth vanilla.
Ain’t none realer, beast like gorilla
no monkey punk boy, yo ain’t no zingzilla.
SNAP crackle pop, I’m the serial killer
All hits no filler, I’m the lyrical thriller.

Next week’s very random word to rap with is COTTAGE!

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Lyrics: SEARCH

You spit at me your liturgy – nonsensical stuff.
Who you reaching with your preaching? is your teaching enough?
While you people in here ‘churching it up’, there’s people SEARCHing for love,
in a world that’s tough, yo, what’s up?!

Next week’s random word to rap some line with is SNAP

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Lyrics: FRAME

You come all up in the spot, like you’re highly acclaimed,
but your video is like something out of ‘You’ve been FRAMED‘.
Naming all the MCs you’ve battled and maimed,
spend an hour with me, wildcat, and you’ll be tamed!

Next week’s random word to rap with: SEARCH

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Lyrics: PANIC

Not much sense this week, just a rhythm and flow show.

Like a telepathic addict in a PANIC, I go manic
when my brain is full of static, a bad habit, I can’t hack it
gotta go see a mechanic, get back into automatic
rack and stack it, systematic, yo, so I don’t go erratic.

Next week, the random word to rap with is: FRAME

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