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Lyrics: BEACH

A bit late this week, due to the busiest working week of my life taking over my brain. I’m quite pleased with this in the end:

Don’t wanna play the street life, I’d rather live the BEACH life –
Eat right, sleep tight, practice what I preach life.
Keep my speech and beats hype. My kids I’ve gotta teach right.
Receive Christ ‘cos He’s nice – my life He went and bleached white.

Next random word to rap with: Applause.
Might get it in before Christmas, we’ll see……..

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Lyrics: SHAPE

Is this the SHAPE of things to come?
Organising your life with a swipe of your thumb,
Checking in on your emails when your out on a run,
Yeah you got a smartphone, but you’re still dumb.

Next week, we need to rhyme about the BEACH!

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Lyrics: Parliament

The PARLIAMENT charlatans, are the fools making the rules.
Cut costs in all the hospitals, and overfilling schools.
It’s public schoolboys making all noise in Westminster’s halls.
Speak on our behalf, don’t make me laugh, it’s them making the calls.

Next week the random word is SHAPE

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