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Lyrics: PENSION [b]

So, was getting ready to do this, thinking of rhymes to go with pension – detention, comprehension – and it started to sound familiar. Turns out we did PENSION in JAN 2013! So have had to change the lyrics. Got inspired whilst driving on the way home from work – see if you can guess which line 😉

Growing old will give you nightmares like Freddie!
I’m not drawing my PENSION yet, I ain’t ready.
I flow hard, yeah you know I rock steady,
I’m Stobart – I’ll keep trucking like Eddie

Next week’s random word to rap with: PARANOIA

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Lyrics: BREAD

Yeah my tongue’s sharper than a diamond tipped cutter.
Hitting real hard, better batten down your shutters.
Rhyming ’bout the truth, not the filth from the gutter.
Yeah it’s what I do, yo, it’s my BREAD and butter.

Next week’s random word to rap with: PENSION

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Lyrics: SNAIL

I’ve come up with some old-school hip-hop style lyrics this week:

Bang, Bang! My heart starts booming, when you walk into the room and catch my eye without fail.
Bang, Zoom! what you do to me, we take it real fast or go as slow as a SNAIL.
Sexual attraction, chemical reaction. Boy meets girl – male meets female.
Sit back, relax, and in a little while, to the pleasure island we’ll set sail.

Next week’s random word: BREAD

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Lyrics: BOTTLE

Nothing too special this week, which is a shame after the last 3 bangers.

You’re living life full-throttle, yeah, riding hard in 5th gear.
Gotta lotta BOTTLE, ha, saying how you have no fear.
Nothing held dear, not your job or your career.
Just life non-stop, wind whistling in your ear.

Strangely, next week’s random word with which to get rapping is: SNAIL!

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