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Lyrcis: DUSK

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah – sound the rave horn!
We rock the party ’til the early morn.
Keeping it coming from DUSK to dawn
sweet like corn, real meat – no Qourn.
Don’t do grass, except mowing my lawn
got my head shorn but I’m brains not brawn.
Can’t block this – I’m not internet porn
we rocking the decks ’til the needle gets worn.

Next week’s random word for rapping: SECURITY

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Here we go with my 100th rhyme!
Just a reminder how this works: I get a randomly generated word, I then have to feature this word in a rap at least 4 lines long, however the 4 lines all need to rhyme with each other.
This week’s words specially chosen by Claire and Tim.

100 not out – it’s the Life of Rhyme CENTURY!
Rapping with the random words the computer sent to me.
No jibber-jabber babble like rappers do nonsensically
No RHUBARB-rhubarb rhymes, yeah I got more depth to me –
3-dimensionally. I read the Bible reg’larly
Light in my life, yo I rock Christ centrally.
Not written down, the rhymes flow mentally,
How does he do it? That’s the Mr Ray mystery!

Over to you Tim and Claire for YOUR lyrics please!!!!!
Next week’s randomly generate word with which to rap 4 lines is: DUSK

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Lyrics: SPEAKER [2]

So, it turns out that I actually had ‘speaker’ as a random word before here! This time I’ve taken a different approach and ended up diving into the ‘ation’ ocean again.

I wanna be a SPEAKER to the nation,
raise a new generation with elation,
provide hope and anticipation – the promise of salvation
get a standing ovation from creation!
There’s no condemnation, it’s an open invitation
let’s meditate on this jubilation revelation.
Let’s get going, no slowing, I’m impatient
to start a celebration conversation.

So, they were lyrics number 99. Thanks to Clare and Magic for suggesting words, next week’s word to rap with is Clare’s suggestion of: RHUBARB!!Tim suggested ‘CENTENNIAL’ so maybe I’ll try and get some kind of 100 reference in there too. Let’s get rapping!!

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100 lyrics – submit a word!!!

Hi everyone.
So once we’ve done the current random word: SPEAKER, that would mean I’ve done 99 sets of lyrics!
To celebrate I’m offering you the readers the chance to suggest the word for the 100th lyrics!

Just comment here with your suggestions and once I’ve uploaded my speaker lyrics next week I’ll include which word I’ve chosen. [who know’s, maybe if they’re great I’ll chose more than one!]



Good EVENING everybody, I’ll introduce my rap a little –
forth and back, I attack the track, like piggy in the middle.
Rumbling under the melody the bassline starts to swivel
When the intro stops, the kick drum drops – let me see your body wiggle!

Next week’s random word to rap with: SPEAKER

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Lyrics: NOSE

No real angle or concept this week. Trying to mimic the rhythm and length of line of another song I’ve been listening to.

Girl you look pretty with your big brown eyes, so swwet, look cute with your turned up NOSE.
Yeah you got it going on from your hair to your feet, look great in your well fitting clothes.
People telling me that you’re out of my league, probably, could be, they are right I suppose?
But’s lets get together, who knows? maybe for the better, whatever, let’s just see how it goes.

Next week’s word: EVENING

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