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Lyrics: BUTTER

Like hot BUTTER, I’m gonna melt into this grooooooooove
                 I rock it hard or smooth
Breaks to shake ya, make, make ya move
You know I ain’t got nothing to prove

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Lyrics: JUNK

All this JUNK, Junk, You’re feeding in your brain brain
whoosh, goes rushing through your veins
>Don’t wanna tell you again and again,
this rubbish gonna make you go insane

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Back to the drawing board, you need more Training
When you’re rapping, yawn, I’m bored, you do my brain in
Complaining, you’re failing, an’ you ain’t winning
In this game an’, still be racing, so frustrating
Must be satan, feigning the explaining
Get yourself to Jesus, Boy, you’re soul needs saving
Past troubles fading, as you let the grace in
Jesus be the only way to take away sin

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Lyrics: BUTTON

When I’m on the mic it’s your turn to Button it
What I’m saying, you don’t like, you’re tut-tut-tutting it
These other brothers shouting out, but they ain’t cutting it
There’s power coming out of this mouth – you’re never shutting it!

Next word: TRAINING

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