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Lyrics: KITE

I’ve got angels on my right, and they’re keeping it tight.
I feel my fears take flight, seems they’re soon outta sight.
Make sure the dogs don’t bite, give the devil a fight,
take it to a new height, but not in my own might.
I’ve seen the light, now I’m high as a KITE.
Prayers I recite, as I praise through the night.
I got insight, as my soul’s set alight
Riding through the darkness, now I’m a white knight.

Next week’s random word to rap with: PIANO

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Wake up, rise, get outta your pyjamin ya!
Eyes to the skies when the world tries damnin’ ya.
Gotta keep going yo, and show me some STAMINA,
Will you pass the test of the great examiner?

Next week’s word to rap with: Kite

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Lyrics: WALLET

My WALLET might be empty, but I know I’ve still got plenty.
Don’t wanna drive no Bentley, yo that high life – it don’t tempt me.
I’m just trying to do the will of the one who sent me.
He’s restoring my soul gently, with a vision 20:20.

Next week’s random word to rap with: STAMINA

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Lyrics: ARTIST

Took the opportunity here to bring back the “kick the ballistics” saying from the early 90’s!

I’m ARTISTic, stylistic, lyrically linguistic
Kick the ballistics, quick or you’ve missed it.
The cryptic mystic, flipping the sadistic
the sky – I’ve kissed it, yo, rip the statistics.

Next week’s word to rap with: WALLET

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