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Watching England play is like a ROLLERCOASTER ride
Twisting turning, stomach churning, stress on the inside.
Always dreaming, fans screaming, it’s three lions pride!
Penalty shoot-out boot out! Once again we’ve been denied.

Next weeks word: SURVEY

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Lyrics: FAINT

There’s a voice speaking, can you hear the call?
To you it’s just squeaking, FAINT sounding small.
You keep your mind busy, fill your life full
It’s your choice, but the voice can’t break through your wall.
Fool, can’t you see he’s the one who made us all.
Wanna walk beside you, catch you when you fall.
He’ll meet you where you’re at, ‘cos he thinks your special
And with his plans in your hands, you’ll be feeling 10 feet tall.

Next week’s word: ROLLERCOASTER

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Lyrics: TV

They’re broadcasting from a million stations.
Brainwashing, a group infestation.
No choice of the voice of the communication.
TELEVISION – the drug of the nation.*

*Nod to the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy 

Next week’s random word: Faint

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Lyrics: FIRE

Oops, bit late this week, due to Jubilee holidays and my boys birthday. This is dedicated to my little man.

Spending time with you, my super-son, is my desire
Such a strong love for you, feel’s like my heart’s on FIRE
Learning, growing, changing, funny-things just take me higher
I love you my little boy!! Happy Brithday Tiger!

Next week’s word: TV

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