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Lyrics: Saint

Oh, been a little while since I’ve done this. Hopefully get back on it better this year.

I’ve got a birth defect – the Human complaint.
Got a sin-stained life, like it’s splattered with paint.
Trying to be like Jesus – but still no SAINT.
Think this life’s a breeze – man I’ll tell you it ain’t.

Next word to rap with: Sea

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Created in the image of God, bearing His character,
Pulled form the earth at birth – like Excalibur.
Precision ENGINEERed, to the highest calibre,
made to bring life and light – a Spirit carrier

Next random word to rap with: Tennis

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Lyrics: Shampoo

Worked up in a lather – a full set of SHAMPOOs,
Caught in the mist in your list of ‘to-do’s.
Foggy in your mind, struck dumb and confused,
Voices calling for attention, which one you gonna choose?

Next week’s random word to rap with is blackboard

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Lyrics: Observe

Sitting by my window here, I watch and OBSERVE,
people going about their lives and it’s sublimely absurd.
A man with no home just sits alone at the kerb,
while people driving by him, just speed off round the curve.
People fighting for the rights they think they deserve,
while others out there struggle for their voice to be heard.
People hiding out of sight, too tired and hurt.
And some out working day and night – ’cos money they serve.

Next random word to rap with is dragon

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Lyrics: Card

Something got you rattled? What is eating at your heart?
You seem a little hassled. I can see you’re battle scarred.
Life this side of heaven, mate, I know it can be hard,
but check Matthew 11:28 – Jesus’ calling CARD

Next word to rap with is SHOW

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Lyrics: Knit

Made by The Maker – His image we’ve worn,
KNITTED you together, before you were born.
Shouted out the song that called in your dawn.
Gotta tell the world – yeah – come on blow the horn.

Next week’s random word to rap with is florist

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Lyrics: Pill

Red PILL, blue PILL, which you gonna swallow?
Can’t catch the white rabbit – better just follow.
Dare you wake up from a life so hollow?
Come alive in the light or just wallow in your sorrow?

Next week’s random word to rap with is STONE

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Lyrics: Control

We’ve got a wealth of treasure, yeah we’re sitting on gold.
But no one knows it’s there, because it’s living in a hole.
Get people through the door, that seems to be the goal,
I think the Holy Spirit better come and take CONTROL.
Don’t aim to build ‘A Church’ – aim for the people to grow,
everyone involved – joining hands young and old.
Breaking down the walls, yo, let’s get up and GO
where the raging rivers flow, let’s go and save each soul.

Inspired by this week’s church vision weekend.

Next random word is EXAM

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