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Lyrics: Tsunami

Real pleased with this one. I’ve got a chorus for the first time! Think this has some potential. Decided not to rhyme ‘tsunami’ as I’d already done that here.

Troll, troll, Twitter troll
Spitting all your vitriol
type, type, tweet, tweet, let it go
why don’t you retreat to your hole.

An abuse TSUNAMI, you let flow.
Unstoppable, watch it grow.
Growing, going, round the globe,
evil lurks in the shadow.
Situation out of control.
Twitter nation think you’ve no soul.
Faceless hatred – you’re so cold,
pity the foe who you follow.

Next word to rap with is ‘voting’

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Lyrics: Spinach

I’ve somehow managed a second week of what my wife would call ‘Kanye rapping’ [from American Boy where he rhymes UK with you K]

I ain’t in the game to increase my brand up,
hit 10 grand up, a 5-year plan up.
I just need a beat to make people put their hands up
Burn real hot, yo, it’ll top your tan up.
No getting stressed, yo don’t wanna get your glands up.
Fly like Popeye, let’s open a SPINACH can up.
All for the truth, yeah you know I’m gonna stand up,
no backing down, it’s a time to man up.

The next random word to rap with is: tsunami

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Lyrics: Prank

Ok, been a bit cheeky with the 3rd line here. Not my usual subject matter or language [but quite enjoyed it hah hah].

I get rant calls, crank calls – phone goes dead and other blank calls.
Every other day get PRANK calls – PPI and fake bank calls.
Phonebooths advertise skank calls, call girls – knickers round ankles.
I pray honest – make frank calls, and count my blessings – my thankfuls.

Next week the random word with which to rap is SPINACH

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Lyrics: Austerity

So, trying to put this together made me realise that I don’t really know that much about global economics and instead found myself replaying classic hip-hop rhymes about money.

We’ve got banker prosperity, government AUSTERITY, Cash Rules Everything Around Me – c-r-e-a-m!
Economic pressure rising – it’s hardly surprising – people uprising, letting off steam.
Pulling on the purse strings, it’s a time for first things, credit crunch-crunch surrounds me – scream.
With my mind on no money, and no money to call mine, climbing up the property ladder is just a dream.

Next week the random word for rapping with is PRANK.

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