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Lyrics: Lunatic

You got something up your sleeve? – we could use a trick.
The world’s gotten ill, feeling blue and sick.
Out of control, people losing it,
we be running round like LUNATICS

Next word to rap with – vanish

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Lyrics: Saint

Oh, been a little while since I’ve done this. Hopefully get back on it better this year.

I’ve got a birth defect – the Human complaint.
Got a sin-stained life, like it’s splattered with paint.
Trying to be like Jesus – but still no SAINT.
Think this life’s a breeze – man I’ll tell you it ain’t.

Next word to rap with: Sea

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Lyrics: Bear

I’m hear to BEAR witness to the Lord most high.
Father of creation, the sea and sky.
Breathed on the Earth and gave birth to new life.
Planned to walk hand in hand, side by side,
but we through it all away when we believed the lie.
Sin split us up He had to fix the divide,
sent His son to Earth as our saviour to die.
That’s the real reason we celebrate Christmastime.

Next word to rap with: saint.


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Lyrics: Tennis

On the mic it’s vocal TENNIS – back and forth – that’s how it goes.
Some be trading insults – better than trading blows.
You’re playing it for laughs, I’m packing a perfect prose,
and at the end of the night, it’s all about who the crowd chose.

Next random word to rap with is BEAR

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Created in the image of God, bearing His character,
Pulled form the earth at birth – like Excalibur.
Precision ENGINEERed, to the highest calibre,
made to bring life and light – a Spirit carrier

Next random word to rap with: Tennis

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BONUS lyrics: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Was with some friends last week and we got playing the rap challenge game. I was given this word and at the time only managed 2 lines before changing the rhyme. On the way home made up a couple more lines so thought I’d add it here:

that word is so long, yo, it’s like a diplodocous!
I gotta keep focus, no hocus pocus,
and when I’m on the mic, you know, It’s gonna get ferocious.

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Lyrics: Staple

Beats, rhymes and bass – that’s my STAPLE diet.
Come stuff your face, you might love it if you try it.
I’ll bring the noise, don’t know how to be quiet.
Call the girls and the boys and let’s go start a riot.

Next random word to rap with is engineer

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Lyrics: Blackboard

I’ve got more lines than Bart Simpson’s BLACKBOARD.
In my rhyme bank, you know I’ve got a fat hoard.
DJ drop the beat, bass play that low mad chord,
I’ll cut through the riddim with my super sharp rap sword.

Next week’s random word to rap with: Staple

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