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Like a quality BUTCHER, I’m giving  you the finest cuts,
rump-steak breaks – u fillet? – shake ya butts.
No horsing around, straight up no fuss
I’m serving fat joints on point, yeah, ’til the club shuts.

Next’s weeks word to rap a 4-line all rhyming verse with is: FOUNTAIN
Get submitting your verses people……

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I foolproof raise the roof – leaving your building derelict.
Speak truth in the booth in the hope the youth inherit it.
I’m bringin life and light, delivering the prophetic,
No own brand of propaganda, sly lying HERETIC.

Next week’s random word: BUTCHER

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Lyrics: SHOUT

Ah illness has rendered my mind unable to complete this week’s challenge, well last weeks’ as I’m now a week behind! Which seems crazy as you’d expect ‘SHOUT’ to be the best word for ages. It didn’t help having Britney stuck in my head everytime I came to think about it either.

Energy gone as the sickness strikes,
Coughing and spluttering, sleepless nights.
SHOUTing, arguing, family fights
heightened tension ‘cos you don’t feel right.
Baby’s nose streaming, not a pretty sight.
Boy moaning, screaming – not too bright
Mummy holding it together, try to keep it tight.
On the way to being better, gonna see the light.

Next week’s random word to rap with: HERETIC

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