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Lyrics: STEW

mind going round and round, thick like a STEW
keep writing lists, but still, dunno what to do
What’s next? How to fix this, u ain’t go no clue
so how on earth am I supposed to understand you?

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BOOOOM, hear my voice as it BELLOWS
racing up the EQ way past the yellows
backed by the strings – violins and the cellos
Time to shake ya up, wake sleepy-head bed-fellows

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Lyrics: SNORE

SNORE, snore, this music so boring
can’t we have some life, I’m emploring
same tired words from your mouth keep pouring
some real life relevance we should be exploring
on this sunday morning, welcoming the dawn in
people are hardly rushing, breaking the front door in
I don’t care how many old people points you’re scoring
let’s get dangerous, raw, let the sprirt pour in

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Lyrics: SOUP

Exclusive!!! It’s the front page scoop
The beats so thick, fill the air like peaSOUP
best be prepared like the boy scout troop
‘cos la-di-da-di-da, we gonna drop it like snoop

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