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Lyrics: LOAN

Crunch Crunch, goes the credit
Money money, got to get it
LOANs, groans, just forget it
End of the month come, dread it dread it

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Lyrics: CRISIS

It’s dark dark days, in the financial CRISIS
money’s all gone but they keep raising prices
we all still playing, but we dunno what the prize is
stress levels off the chart, as ya heart rate rises

Next word: LOAN

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They got us boxed in, locked in, stuck in the machine
Pressure from side to side, it’s unseen
we all in the same game, chasing the green
lined up man to man like a can of SARDINEs

Next word: CRISIS

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Lyrics: COAT

I got a technicolour flow, like Joseph’s COAT
A smoove groove bass, over which the rhythm float
The lyrics dance for joy as they flow from my throat
on point like gunshot! Murder she wrote

Next word: SARDINE!

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