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Word up.
Fan of rap and occasional rapper, this blog is an online account of my little ‘rap tag’ game I have challenged myself to.

The Rules:
• A new random word each week
• Use word to write four lines minimum of rap
• Each line must rhyme
• The word for the week can be included anywhere, doesn’t have to be the last word of the line
• The word can be pluralised/main derivatives of the word can be used eg PLAYing
• No swearing

The intention is to build up a little bank of lyrics and to ‘keep my ear in’ as I don’t have much time or specific reason to write full raps nowadays.
The lines are not meant to be one huge rap.

It’s just meant to be fun, I don’t think Sway needs to be worried.

Feel free to play along and add a your own verse in the comments…


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