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Lyrics: HANGER

You’re like a sneaky goal-HANGER, yeah just tryin’ to steal the glory.
Take an old club banger – add a rap – nah, that just bore me.
Misogynistic lyrics fill your every story,
showing some heart, crafting your art, would be more worthwhile surely?

Next week’s random word to try and rap with is the very tasty: CUSTARD!

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Lyrics: OATH

On my wedding day I took an OATH, I promised that I do,
Forsaking all others, to my wife I’ll stay true.
Don’t want another lover, no, we together like glue,
Taking time each day to say, yo, hey babe, I love you.

Next week’s random word challenge is: HANGER


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Lyrics: SUGAR

Was really very tempted to try and do something featuring Alan Sugar as The Apprentice starts this week, but over the last week have been thinking a fair bit about my daughters name – Alyssa – and how much I love it, and that’s what was the catalyst for this weeks rapping.

Like SUGAR, the sound of your name is sweet on my lips,
my life never been the same since our first kiss.
One boy, one girl, what can be better than this?
I got my little man Aaron, and my sweet babe Alyss’!

Next week’s random word to rap with – OATH

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