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You’re cotchin’ in the corner, like some COCKROACH clicking.
Hiding at the side, ‘cos you’re chick-chick-chicken.
My beat like a time-bomb, tick-tick-ticking.
Check the sonic boooooom, when the bass starts kicking.

Next weeks word: SOW

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Lyrics: LEMON

you’re some super sharp LEMON sucking sour-faced critic,
sit back and attack the rap, stuck in your place cynic.
Slaying and decaying, spraying lines so acidic.
I’m a raise the roof and speak the truth in every rhyme and lyric

Next week’s word: COCKROACH

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You’ve got your COLLEGE knowledge, but you’ve still no clue.
They say it’s not what you know, really it’s who,
Jesus died to bring new life, I tell you it’s true.
So open up your heart, and start your life as part of His crew

Next week’s word: LEMON

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It’s a tightrope walk for many people in life
A BALANCING act, trying to stay upright.
Keep your head up, trying to survive
To keep the dream alive, it’s a struggle and fight.
I keep moving forward, eyes on the light.
Trying each day, not to sway, left or right.
Believe I’ve achieved at the end of the night
And we all in this together, so let’s keep it tight

Next word: COLLEGE

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Lyrics: CLOAK

I got a wild-style flair, I’m a graffiti tagger.
Moves like Jagger, coming with the swagger.
Straight up, no fronts. Stay true, no bragger
what you see is what you get, no CLOAK and dagger.

Next week’s word: BALANCE

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