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Well there’s plenty stupid things which I have done and seen,
I’ve said things offensive and thought of things obscene.
But I am moving on, a better person than I’ve been,
since Jesus came and wiped the WHITEBOARD of my life clean.

Next week’s random word to rap with: CORK

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Lyrics: CHESS

Hard to get Lauryn Hill’s verse from Ready or Not out of my head for this weeks random rap challenge: CHESS

See you trying to play me, yeah, like a game of CHESS
Made a mess on your quest, trying to get the success.
Dressed to impress, while I’m trying to bless,
and you never saw that S that I wear on my chest!

Next week’s random word to rap with: WHITEBOARD

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Listen up yo ‘cos I’m about to tell you something,
underestimate me, then you’re dumb-dumb-dumbing.
Lazing in the sun, but you better start running,
go get your RAINCOAT on, ‘cos there be thunder coming!

Next week’s random word to rap with: CHESS

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You’re Premier League, but you’re playing in the CONFERENCE,
no self-belief, with next to zero confidence.
Your drive has died, replaced it with your obstinance,
trying to hide, waving away all compliments.


Next week’s random word to rap with: RAINCOAT

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