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Lyrics: Spotlight2

Oops, forgot I’ve already had SPOTLIGHT before. Need to remember to keep checking my index page.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing ‘The Rage’
I’ve got a new message for this new mess age.
Been set free, I’ve escaped from the cage,
bringing new colour to your life of beige.
Fools, Romans, Countrymen – listen, engage,
I’m rewriting the rules, tearing up a new page.
Bringing the heat – check your temperature guage,
get the SPOTLIGHT ready – I’m taking centre stage.

Next random word – Poverty

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Lyrics: Decorate

Under cover of darkness, move in the shadows,
DECORATING the walls – spraying aerosols.
Fat graffiti marker, watch as the ink flows,
getting up city-wide so everybody knows.

Next random word to rap with is SPOTLIGHT

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Lyrics: Winner

Got a messed up, screwed up life, a dog’s dinner?
Weary, bleary, patience getting thinner.
A low down, sold-out, stone cold sinner.
Lose your life to Christ, yo, then become a WINNER!

Next random word is: decorate

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Lyrics: Ink

Slow or fast tempo, yeah I’m never letting go, coming from the get-go, right before your eyes.
Bomb-dropping, block rocking, you know that I’m never stopping. Onto the next line before the INK dries.
Lyrics unstoppable, raining down on top of all. Sights on the heights, I’m reaching for the skies.
Modern day parables, Holy fire flammable. Word to the wise, yo, try it on for size.

Next week the word is: Winner

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