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Lyrics: COMET

Some live like a COMET – leave a trail of dust,
try to bring down the system – ‘cos they’re failing us.
So proud they’ll bust, fuelled by power and lust,
hear the sound of disgust at their abusing our trust.

Next week’s word: MOTEL

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Lyrics: ARM

It’s all about the sultry siren man-eaters this week:

She’s got a wild smile, with her cherry lip balm,
one kiss from this lip’s gonna cause you harm.
Twisting your ARM with her hips and her charm,
best catch a cold shower kid, you gotta keep calm.

Next week’s random word to rap with: COMET

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Been sitting on this for a couple of days and was unable to log-in to wordpress to add it. Turned out it was my clock that was wrong on the computer!! In the vein of all those music artists who complain about record labels etc:

Ya hair done, outfit on for your PUBLICITY shot
yeah, you’re looking hot, go and show ’em what you got.
Now you’re on top, been increasing your stock
soon everybody gonna want a piece of your pot

next week: arm


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