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I’ll stand up to any rappers, yeah, who want’s to ruck?
Don’t wanna feel the heat – well, you’re out of luck.
Oh you missed the ball, you’ll be out for a duck,
while I’ll be stomping on the beat like a MONSTER truck.

Next week, the 200th random word to rap with is AUSTERITY.

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Choose the 200th word

So my word for rapping with next week is ‘monster‘ and that will be my 199th lyrics.

Just like I did for the 100th word, I’m offering you the chance to submit suggestions for the 200th random word.

Needed before next week’s rap gets uploaded. Just hit comments.


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Lyrics: Picture

You’re taking PICTUREs of your face – snap-snap click-click.
Capture everything – no waste – every moment tick-tick.
Instant upload – chop-chop quick-quick.
So over-exposed – sick-sick-sick-sick

Next week the random word to rap with is: MONSTER

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Lyrics: Panther

Poised like a PANTHER ready to pounce.
Rhythm is a dancer, bounce bounce bounce.
More bang for your buck, increasing amounts,
never holding up, yo, every second counts.

Next week’s random word to rap with is PICTURE

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Lyrics: MUD

If you’ve been rattled by the battle, name dragged through the MUD,
bent bruised and buckled, knuckles covered in blood.
Fight your foes flow, head up above the flood,
and bring those giants down to the ground with a thud!

Next week I have to rap using the random word: Panther


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