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Lyrics: VALUE

There was a man, once, built his house upon the sand.
Didn’t wanna work hard, didn’t understand –
that you need quality, not VALUE own brand.
His house came falling down – wasn’t what he planned.

Next week’s random word to rap with: ransom

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Lyrics: LABEL

Trying to be the best, sitting at the top table.
Legendary artist, like some myth or fable.
Greatest of all time, yeah?, can you wear that LABEL?
Or are you building yourself too high, like the Tower of Babel?

Next week’s random word to rap with: VALUE

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Lyrics: Motel [36bar special!]

As a rap fan, you can’t hear the word ‘motel’ and not think of ‘Rappers Delight’! Even my wife started reciting the ‘hotel, motel, Holiday Inn’ line. So that’s where I’ve begun this week and have ended up doing a bit of a hip-hop history timeline. It’s super-long which hopefully makes up for me missing 2 weeks due to holiday!

We used to rhyme about the ‘hotel, MOTEL, Holiday Inn’,
dip dip dive, socialising.
Up-rock, twist and lock – body popping,
Grandmaster Flash would get the needle dropping.
Cut and scratch the beat – he invented mixing.
Doug E Fresh complete mental beatboxing.
Flip, turn, do the worm – breakdancing.
Kurtis Blow yo, had the breaks happen to him.
Run DMC – they were down with the king.
We all wanted to be paid in full, like Rakim.
Flavor Flav rocked the clock – tick tick tocking.
P.E. and Spike Lee, yo do the right thing.
Daisy age, De La Soul – ring ring ring.
NWA with lyrics shocking.
Rap CDs – they started stickering.
East coast / West coast – they started bickering.
Notorious BIG and Lil Kim
Pac got jacked and the light went dim.
Nas and Lauryn Hill were world ruling
She revealed her miseducated schooling
Snoop Dogg sipping on juice and gin.
Warren G started regulating.
Eminem showed us who’s the real slim.
50 Cent got all the clubs jumping.
Common and LL started acting.
The Beastie Boys were Intergalacting.
Jay Z got busy empire making,
while his girl B, got booty shaking.
Dizzee Rascal – now the UK breaking
So Solid – 21 seconds for the taking
KA, Wretch, pass out from Tinie Tim
Sway upped it and he’s Still Speeding.
Hip-hop–Don’t Stop, we’re still rapping.
The clock tick-tocks yo there’s no slacking.
Grab that microphone and get recording.
RAP – let the new chapter begin!

Feel like I’ve missed your favourite out? Add a verse in the comments section then!
Next week’s random word to rap with: LABEL


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