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Lyrics: Immigrant

I live in England, and in 2 months time we have to vote whether to leave to EU or remain a part of it. I’m not feeling too clued up about it all really, so these lyrics are my confession about that. Some people are using immigration as a big issue within the vote, so that was the starting point when the word came up.

I’m ignorant on IMMIGRANTS,
although the vote is imminent.
I’ve gotta be more diligent,
rather than pleading innocent.
On the facts be vigilant,
are Euro sceptics militan?
Ignore the voice of dissidents,
could be something magnificent?

Next week, the random word to rap with is BASKET

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Lyrics: Curtain

Bit late, but some lyrics that’d be suitable for Good Friday this week:

The forces of darkness, on the attack.
A final cry and the sky’s pitch black.
The CURTAIN ripped in two with a thunder crack,
now we all can go through, there’s no turning back.

Next week’s random word to rap with is: Immigrant

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Lyrics: Bin

My dearest friend at work leaves in two weeks, this is for her:

I’ve seen your brightness, your sparkle within.
Eyes full with lightness, sly, cheeky grin.
Working together, we’ve been close like twins,
down for whatever, yo, through think and thin.
We’re starting to part, a new season to begin.
Following your heart for a new life with him,
just if you know it ain’t right, please stick it in the BIN,
but I’ll fight by your side if you’re in it for the win.

Next random word to rap with is ‘curtain’

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Lyrics: Plaster

You think you’re in love, but who’s the real master?
Been blown away by Cupid’s space blaster.
Your heart groans and aches, but it just breaks faster,
can’t fix this, with a little sticking PLASTER.

Next week the random word to rap with is BIN

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