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I’ve quite enjoyed this one. Wanted to get away from the obvious ‘cartridge’ and ammunition link:

You best reload your CARTRIDGE, because you’re spraying
messed up text, your lines are all decaying.
Go clear your head, I can’t read what your saying
you’re no laser writer, just a lazy biter playing.

Next week’s random word to rap with: STATION

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I’m gonna clue you boy, wake up, pay attention!
You’re so old school, just stuck in detention.
your lines lack comprehension, did I mention,
you’ll gradute so late, I’ll be drawing on my PENSION

Next week’s random word to rap with: CARTRIDGE

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Lyrics: TRAIN

If you look ’round my house, there’s TRAINs all about, but I’m not a trainspotter, no I’m not a train bore.
Old red and blue tracks, orange, black and new tracks. A great big wooden track on my landing floor!
I know all their names, Murdoch, Molly, James. Peter Sam and Gordon are both number 4.
Songs on a CD, programmes on the TV,  books we’ve plenty, at least twenty I’m sure.
Days out, vacations, various train stations – huddled on the platform standing there in awe.
Taken over my life, both me and the wife. It feels like we’re living on the isle of Sodor!
My son’s the reason for it, the reason I endure it. He’s trains on the brain, it’s what he lives for!!
And man, there’s nothing better, then building track together. Father–son fun, who can ask for more!!!!!

Next week’s random word to rap with: Pension

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Lyrics: GENIUS

Well this blog’s been running about a year and a day,
Thanks to all the poeple who’ve joined in along the way.
We get a new random word every monday,
then rap me up some lines, get in the game and play.
I’m no rap GENIUS, I’m no threat to Sway,
but still representing my team UK.
Just hoping you’re enjoying what I rhyme ‘n’ say,
here’s to more years, cheers! Love Simon Ray

Next week’s random word to rap with: TRAIN

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Lyrics: REFORM

You’re going with the flow, happy to be in the norm
Safe in your comfort zone, sitting nice and warm.
I’m gonna change the game, gonna bring about REFORM
I’m still bringing the noise, and kicking up a storm!

Next week’s random word to rap with: GENIUS

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