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Lyrics – Blister

Start at the one, kick drum, then come bass.
I’ll attack the track at a BLISTERing pace.
Intergalactic rap trick from space.
Dumb struck, stunned – check that look on your face!

Next word to rap with is KNIT

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Lyrics: Basket

Bit late, sorry. Was off on holiday for a week.

I want people to see me with a smile on my face.
Some say I’m crazy – a real BASKET case.
Since the Lord saved me – overwhelmed by His grace –
I’ve been bringing the noise, we got joy in this place.

Next week the random word for rapping with is: CUFF

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Lyrics: Decoy

Not sure what this is all about, but it sounded good walking home in the mist on Halloween.

Dancing to the thunder sound – unreal hype bass.
Down in the underground, concealing your face.
Employ a DECOY to take your place.
In the heart of the darkness, your souls embrace.

Next week the random word we have to rap with BURGER.

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Lyrics: TEARS

Like water on glass, the TEARS stream down your face.
Healing the scars and screams of past disgrace.
Can’t be erased, but in place a new embrace.
There’s love in His gaze, so run into the arms of grace.

Next week our random word for rapping is: SLIPPER

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Lyrics: SNACK

While you’re SNACKing on your food, and increasing your waist,
I’ll be rapping on the groove, mixing beats with the bass,
in your face. Enjoy the taste, embrace the pace.
The rhythm that I’m living ‘ll be laced with the grace.

Next week’s random word: ARTIST

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