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Almost written as a verse for an Up Your Speed remix in a ‘call to arms’ youth movement kinda way:

London – Up Your Speed!
You better get ready for the youth STAMPEDE,
stomping so hard, it’ll make your ears bleed,
we’ve more legs moving than a millipede.
You’re too slow, if you smoke that weed,
need clarity of thought, mind, word and deed.
Mobilise against the lies, yo fight that greed,
be blazing a trail wherever the Spirit leads!

Next week’s random word to rap with: BOTTLE

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Pleased with this week’s one. I’m not a massive Coldplay fan, but they were a nice way to finish the WATERFALL random word rap challenge:

Life’s much harder then they taught at school,
my glass ain’t half empty – it’s two quarters full.
I’ve got a great son, and my daughter’s cool,
and I’m living for the one who came and bought us all.
Gave my life to Him at the altar call,
heart beating hard, nearly audible.
Spirit filled the place up, from wall-to-wall,
with teardrops exploding like a WATERFALL.

Next week’s random word to rap with: STAMPEDE

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So, was stuck in a traffic jam this morning on way to work, and had Luke Hellebronth – Spirit Break Out on repeat. Love it when it all kicks of at 4 mins, so began trying to freestyle off it. Here’s the tidied up version for this week’s random word rap challenge of SURFACE:

Spirit break out, come in Your power,
drench us all with a flood, not a shower.
The name of the Lord is our strong tower,
we’ve only scratched the SURFACE up to now – ah,
joy-filled – sweet not sour,
water the seed so that it may flower.
Let this be the time, this be the hour.
Make all the demons flee and cower!

Next week’s random word for the 4 line rap challenge is: WATERFALL

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Lyrics: FILM

This weeks random word was FILM. Have decided to rap about the hi-tech age in which we live:

The technology monopoly will topple me – it’s obscene.
FILMing faces, photos filtered, living life through a screen,
An image age, with page views and analytics extreme,
where news is only worthy to be heard if it can be seen.

Next weeks random word to rap with: SURFACE

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