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Lyrics: CARROT

Committed to the game,’cos yo you people need me,
don’t use a CARROT and stick to try and lead me.
I ain’t no donkey, you better believe me,
One step at a time, yo don’t be greedy.
The righteous path, ain’t always speedy,
follow the footsteps of the one who freed me.
Take a bite of the light of life – that’s what feeds me.
Leave you all lost in wonder, like Stevie!

Next week’s random word: CATERPILLAR

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well, held off any Christmas shopping kinda references as my mind is not yet on Christmas etc. Just turned into another kinda bravado rap.

You’re BARGAIN basement freaks, but I’m team supreme.
Barrel bottom scraping, but I’m the best you ever seen.
You’re Tesco basics value, I’m the finest cuisine.
To be as good as me, hah, that’s the impossible dream.

Next week’s word for rappingness: CARROT

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Lyrics: MAGNET

A physical attraction, chemical reaction, when I’m with you baby it’s like I’m MAGNETised.Your little cute face, moving with such grace, like Debbie Gibson sang – I get lost in your eyes.
Never knowing what you’ll do, every day something new. You’re learning so much, each day I’m surprised.
Rolling on the bed, putting lettuce on your head – I can’t get enough, I’ve been ‘Alyssa’ised!

Next week’s random word to rap with: BARGAIN

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Lyrics: Epidemic

It’s the apathetic EPIDEMIC, everybody’s getting struck.
Sitting round, being bored, thinking that their lives suck.
No hope, smoking dope, no job and out of luck.
When your time’s passed, and you can’t be arsed, where the hell d’ya think you’ll end up?

Next week’s word to rap with: MAGNET

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