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Created in the image of God, bearing His character,
Pulled form the earth at birth – like Excalibur.
Precision ENGINEERed, to the highest calibre,
made to bring life and light – a Spirit carrier

Next random word to rap with: Tennis

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BONUS lyrics: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Was with some friends last week and we got playing the rap challenge game. I was given this word and at the time only managed 2 lines before changing the rhyme. On the way home made up a couple more lines so thought I’d add it here:

that word is so long, yo, it’s like a diplodocous!
I gotta keep focus, no hocus pocus,
and when I’m on the mic, you know, It’s gonna get ferocious.

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Lyrics: Staple

Beats, rhymes and bass – that’s my STAPLE diet.
Come stuff your face, you might love it if you try it.
I’ll bring the noise, don’t know how to be quiet.
Call the girls and the boys and let’s go start a riot.

Next random word to rap with is engineer

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Lyrics: Blackboard

I’ve got more lines than Bart Simpson’s BLACKBOARD.
In my rhyme bank, you know I’ve got a fat hoard.
DJ drop the beat, bass play that low mad chord,
I’ll cut through the riddim with my super sharp rap sword.

Next week’s random word to rap with: Staple

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Lyrics: Shampoo

Worked up in a lather – a full set of SHAMPOOs,
Caught in the mist in your list of ‘to-do’s.
Foggy in your mind, struck dumb and confused,
Voices calling for attention, which one you gonna choose?

Next week’s random word to rap with is blackboard

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Lyrics: Farm

It’s out of control, better ring the alarm.
People going loco, it’s like an animal FARM.
Adrenaline rushing like a shot to the arm
– is this the storm before the calm?

Next random word to rap with: Shampoo

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Lyrics: Dragon

The temperature is hotting up – intensity is getting higher.
The crowd roars, like lightning swords, to join force with the holy choir.
The dark side better run and hide, ’cos like a DRAGON, yo, I’ll spit fire.
We scream and shout, and cry out, for the return of The Messiah

Next week’s random word to rap with is FARM

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Lyrics: Observe

Sitting by my window here, I watch and OBSERVE,
people going about their lives and it’s sublimely absurd.
A man with no home just sits alone at the kerb,
while people driving by him, just speed off round the curve.
People fighting for the rights they think they deserve,
while others out there struggle for their voice to be heard.
People hiding out of sight, too tired and hurt.
And some out working day and night – ’cos money they serve.

Next random word to rap with is dragon

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