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Lyrics: VET

Hmmm, not an obviously easy random word to start rapping with this week.
I’ve gone all ‘respect for women’ with it.

Window down, arm out, chain around your neck.
Learing out your car, making everybody sweat.
Ro-ro-ro-ro barking, you’re a noisy threat.
Holler at the ‘bitches’, man show some respect.
These women ain’t no animals, ain’t nobody’s pet.
It’s ‘because they’re worth it’, or ain’t you heard that yet?
You best check your attitude, get yo’self in check,
or you and your ‘dogs’ can go get neutered at the VET.

Next week’s random word to rap with: SHOUT

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Lyrics: COMB

I don’t need a COMB, I whip my hair forth and back!
Whip my hair forth and back, dropping bombs on the track.
Just like the JB’s – yeah I got it like that
So move playa please, feel the lyrical attack.

Next week’s random word for rapping – VET

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Lyrics: ROSE

My baby girl just rocks my world, her smile is such a treat.
Anything within her reach, she’ll grab and try to eat.
My little ’Lyssa Aimes’, beautiful from head to feet.
A ROSE by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet.

Next week’s random rapping word is: COMB

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There’s no elation in the nation since The Man’s taken our fun.
Still chasing your relaxation vacation in the sun.
Get your information education placement while you’re young.
Don’t get stuck at expectation STATION – where the trains don’t run.

Next week’s random word to do some rapping with: ROSE

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