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Lyrics: BAR

What you shouting about? You’re starting to perspire.
Yeah, you’re spitting BARS, but I’m raising it higher.
Make a brand new sound, in praise to the Messiah,
King – call Him sire, fill up with His fire.
I praise His holy name, never ever retire,
making noise, I’ll rejoice, with the heavenly choir.
Getting loud in the clouds, Halos, wings and lyre.
Praise for all my days, and yo they’ll never expire!

Next week the random word for rapping with is: MERIT

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A MESSENGER on a mission, gotta take it far and wide,
tell the whole world, yo I can’t keep it inside.
From God’s love, you can run, but you can never hide,
sent His son for everyone – Jesus the Christ, who died.
So, Church rise up in beauty, come on, let’s be His bride,
You and me in unity, put differences aside.
Gotta move on, up off your backside, let’s kill this fungicide,
Scream and shout, let it all out, get the message multiplied!

Next week’s random word to rap with: BAR

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Lyrics: TRAP

Y’all sitting round in your club, eating and drinking.
Laughing and winking, glasses all clinking.
Stuck in a rut, yo you’re TRAPPED in your thinking,
You ain’t even noticed, but your ship’s steady sinking.
Stars not twinkling, ideas stinking,
better wipe your eyes, it’s time to start blinking.
More than an inkling, your influence is shrinking.
Drawing up your plans, but your pen has got no ink in.

Next week we need to rap about “MESSENGER”s

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Inspired by a story my friend at school told, of how he’d taken drugs and felt like he had a smurf chase him home:

Lucy’s in the sky with diamonds – some enjoy her.
She’s glistening, but whispering comes with PARANOIA.
Elusive, illusions, delusions destroy ya
Rip your heart apart, like a Hollywood lawyer.

Next weeks random word to rap with: trap

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