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Lyrics: FLEET

I’m not fast on my feet, but I’m FLEET on the beat.
deliverable edible syllables so sweet
In my mouth meet, then leave through my teeth.
Tasting a treat as you creep through the heat.

Next week’s random word: PUBLICITY

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Lyrics: COFFIN

It’s all been built around the opening line this week. It’s pretty much all about how I felt about Goths when I was younger.

You think you’re shocking ‘cos you’re rocking your COFFIN-gothic chic.
Death obsessed, always depressed – you’re some kinda freak.
Metal through your tongue, so dumb. How the hell you speak?
Cynical. Vampirical. Look like you died last week.

Next week’s random word: FLEET

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A celebration of my daughter this week, although strictly speaking it’s two months early:

Two years ago, a new life did start.
Our family unit grew a new part.
Joy out of this world – baby girl you’re off the chart!
I’ll celebrate your BIRTHDAY, ‘Bay’, with all my heart.

Ooh, next week’s random word is almost completely opposite: Coffin


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Lyrics: REBEL

I’ve somehow managed to end up with a rap about Twitter this week. Liked the idea of liking it to having 140 soldiers ready to go and fight. It’s my fave one for a few weeks. Hope you like it:

We move in the shadows, away from lights and cameras.
Underground network, there’s no way you’re catching us.
Instant communication, new nation, early adaptors.
Starting a REBELLION with 140 characters.

Next week’s random word: BIRTHDAY [comes a week early for me]



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Lyrics: PIANO

On the PIANO, the fingers dance to and fro
The right climbing heights, the left lays down low.
Accompanying the beat, while on top the lyrics flow
One, two, three, people, get ready, let’s go!

Next week’s random word to rap with seems ideal for all you Public Enemy fans: REBEL

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