Other lyrics

Gospel choir rapping.
We’ve had a gospel choir start at work, which is amazing. I’ve been writing a few 8 bar raps to drop in various songs.

Souled Out – Hezekiah Walker

[8 bar intro rap.]
I’m so Souled Out – yo 100 percent.
Full to the brim with no space for rent.
I gave my life to Him, the one who’s heaven sent.
He’s my Lord and King without precedent!
The only way is, everyday to fill up on His Spirit.
He’s my guide, from inside, real, yo I can feel it.
I’m fit to burst, gotta scream and shout,
I’ll tell the whole world that I’m Souled Out….


Blinded by Your Grace – Stormzy

[Reworked and rewritten to be more personal to me]

One time for the Lord, and one time for the cause.
Dumbfounded and awed, that Lord you chose me despite all my flaws.
No longer a lost one, I was Basildon born but I’m God’s son.
I’m brand new, Lord I belong to You now,
and I’m only doing this through Your power.
I’m daily praying to follow in Your ways,
amazing Lord, I’m blinded by Your grace.
It’s real, yo, and they can never stop this.
Through Jesus, look at what my God did.
It’s His grace that I don’t deserve.
You saved this boy, and yeah I’m not the first.
It’s not by blood, no, it’s not by birth.
But, Oh my God, You’re the God that I serve.


He Reigns – Kirk Franklin.

So come follow me now, as we’re gonna take it higher.
Make a brand new sound in praise to the messiah.
King – call Him sire! Come fill up on His fire,
We’re gonna praise His holy name, we’ll never retire.
Yeah, come on choir, raise your voice let’s sing.
Rejoice, make noise, for our awesome King.
I ain’t ever been the same since He set me free.
Praise Him, He’s amazing – reigns in majesty.




Thought I’d better actually write down somewhere some of the songs that I sing and have made up with my little boy. So, here seemed a good place to do it. Mainly so I don’t forget them.


The Bow-Bear song
[to the tune of Standing on the Promises of God – old Salvation Army favourite of mine. A song name-checking Aaron’s favourite soft toys]

Bow bear is the one who has a golden bow,
He wears it around his neck wherever he goes.
He has brown fur, tan paws and a black nose.
Bow bear is a friend of Dogga’s

Bow bear, bow bear,
Bow bear, Mr Zebra and our Dogga!
Bow bear, bow bear,
It’s Bow bear, Mr Zebra and dog.

Zebra he has black stripes on white.
He has them upon his left and on his right.
We will cuddle Zebra all through the night.
Zebra is a friend of Dogga’s

Dogga is our favourite, he’s our number one.
Aaron and his Dogga have a lot of fun.
We will cuddle Dogga til the morning comes,
Dogga is a super special Dog.

Spike – he is a crocodile but he’s not mean.
He has blue spots but he is mostly green,
And he’s the nicest crocodile you’ve ever seen.
Spike is a friend of Dogga’s

There are other members of Rock’s teddy-crew.
Ali Rabbit, Mr Quack and Piglet too.
Chessie and Hufty, and Rock Steady’s blue
They are all friends of Dogga.


Aaron’s Song
[Aaron made up the first 3 lines, mummy and I then each added 3 lines, and I swapped mine with her’s as her’s were much better to finsh with. Works really well as the verse to the rock ‘n’ roll classic At The Hop]

When the rain has stopped,
and the sun comes out
and the car comes on the road.

Then it’s time to rock,
and yeah it’s time to shout.
And it’s time to go man go.

We’re so happy
that we clap our hands
And we kiss you on the nose.



The Mr Bump Song
[to the tune of Agadoo, based on the story of Mr Bump and his job on the orchard]

Mister Bump Bump Bump,
Bumped into the apple tree.
Mister Bump Bump Bump
Caught an apple for his tea
In his left, in his right
catching apples as he goes
Mister Bump Bump Bump,
It’s the bumping apple show!
[repeat with other fruits]



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