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Lyrics: Balance

You need a healthy bank BALANCE, no slipping around.
Teetering on the edge, staring down at the ground.
Exchange rate pains for the dollar ’gainst the pound,
with my mind on my money, but no money to be found.

Next word to rap with is: shop

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Lyrics: ZIP

Loose lips sink ships, time to ZIP it up.
Slurring your words, absurd, come on spit it up.
Just keep tripping up, man go on give it up,
The Rage takes the stage, you know I’m gonna rip it up.

Next week’s word to rap with is Balance

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Lyrics: Credit

Wanted to avoid anything to do with money.

I’ve gotta give CREDIT, where CREDIT‘s due,
you’re a blessing to my life, I’ve said it – true.
Don’t forget it, you read it? Get it through,
I can take on the world when I’m with you.

Next week’s word to rap with: ZIP


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