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Like Daryl Hannah as a MERMAID, yeah I’m really gonna make a splash,
cut a real fine rhyme dash, ease through the grime like Flash.
My soul whole, you’re chasing the goal, still trying to make that ca-a-ash,
I’ll rock the casbah like The Clash, no I don’t stop til the cymbal crash!

Next week’s random word to rap with – CONFERENCE

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Lyrics: HOUR

Super wife with super powers, getting up at unearthly HOURS,
Piles of nappy towers, shoulders stained with milky sours.
So much effort put in for this beautiful girl of ours,
Please accept this offering as a big bunch of rap flowers!!!


Next week’s random word to rap with: MERMAID!

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Lyrics: LEAF

Like LEAVES dropping off a tree, the insults keep raining down.
Dancing down the street, in dark corners they’re swirling round.
Blowing on the wind, scattered all over town.
Looking for a suitable rubbish dump to be found.
Next weeks random word to rap with: HOUR

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Lyrics: JOY

Oops, late again………..

“Oi Oi Saveloy” coming from the rude boy, hanging out his car that’s his pride and his JOY.
20 inch rims – alloys are the things – dripping in bling, more gold than Chris Hoy!
Rip the same spot, friday night keep it hot. Burning up the street making loadsa noise.
Handbrake turns, wheelspins, looking like the real thing – not caring about all the people he’ll annoy.

Next week’s random word to rap with: LEAF

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Man, not found time to think about this at all this week. Not a massively inspiring random word.

Drop the bass and cut the mid SECTION
Hi-hat take take us in the right direction.
The right selection from the beat collection.
Raise up the heat like a resurrection.
Next weeks random word to rap with: JOY

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