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Lyrics: STAIN

This week’s random word, with which to rap at least 4 rhyming lines, was STAIN. Had one day where ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea was stuck in my head, and ended up providing the beat for these beauties. Realy pleased with this week’s effort:

Your sin STAINed soul is in reverse.
Chasing the dream, you’ve been calling down a curse.
In too deep, you’re submerged and immersed.
Broke the bank now you’re stringing out your purse.
It’s bad for your health when you put yourself first.
Living the high life only makes it worse.
999 call a doctor or a nurse,
internal bleeding – you’ll be leaving in a hearse.

Next week the word to rap with is KITCHEN

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Lyrics: MOON

Hold up, wait a minute, yeah. Let me jump on in it, as I kick it, sky’s the limit, bang zoom!
Eyes up, rise up, as the rocket fires up. Sky high heading for the MOON.
Let’s wise up, size up, beats hypnotise us, dropping bombs – tick tick boooom.
Running from the doom, bringing fire to the room. Assume nothing, ‘cos it’s coming real soon!

Next week the random word is: STAIN

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Lyrics: SQUAD

Don’t wanna be a fringe member of the SQUAD,
I wanna be on the field showing what I got.
Starting eleven yo, striking while it’s hot.
Get one opportunity, I’m gotta take the shot.

Next week the random word fro rapping with is MOON

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Lyrics: Vitamin

You need a VITAMIN boost, you’re looking under the weather.
Burning the candle at both ends ain’t very clever.
Balance business and pleasure, better now then never.
The sun don’t shine shine forever, get your act together.

Next week the random word with which to rhyme is: Squad

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