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Lyrics: Burger

Phones and flies buzzing, steady humming in the light.
Live chatter, wild banter – an intimidating sight.
Like a bored deserted gang looking for a fight,
all hanging ’round the BURGER van, late into the night.

Next week the random word to get rhyming with is SNACK.


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Lyrics: BEACH

A bit late this week, due to the busiest working week of my life taking over my brain. I’m quite pleased with this in the end:

Don’t wanna play the street life, I’d rather live the BEACH life –
Eat right, sleep tight, practice what I preach life.
Keep my speech and beats hype. My kids I’ve gotta teach right.
Receive Christ ‘cos He’s nice – my life He went and bleached white.

Next random word to rap with: Applause.
Might get it in before Christmas, we’ll see……..

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